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Big Idea Summer 2: I am a Historian

Our Big Idea this term is I am a Historian. We will enjoy a History launch day in our Family groups, and prepare for a History and Art exhibition at the end of term.


In Maths, we will be finishing our Time work, before moving onto looking at Properties of Shape and Capacity.

We will also continue with our times table learning! Please practise your times tables regularly. You may want to use the Hit the Button game below:



In English, we will start by reading The First Drawing by Mordicai Gerstein. You can see a read-aloud version of The First Drawing below:


We will be learning about The Stone Age to Iron Age in History. You can find more information here:



Finally, in Art, we will be preparing for our school trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park! You can find out more here:


More information about our curriculum, as well as our timetable and newsletter, can be found here:

Friday Round Up – 16/6/23

Dear Children/Parents,

It has been another very busy (and hot!) week! We had a great launch to our Big Idea – I am a Historian – on Tuesday, some children were able to read with Ciara the reading dog, and we have also shown amazing resilience in our PUMA and PIRA assessments.


Jigsaw Award = James, for excellent responses in our discussions about change.

5R Award = Jaiden, for resilience in reading.

Next Week

Next week, we will not have Forest School, as Miss Brown is on the Year 6 residential. We will have swimming on Monday and PE on Friday morning.

We will also be starting our Science topic on rocks! Thank you for bringing in your rocks, fossils and crystals – the children have loved sharing them.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Portway šŸ™‚

Friday Roundup

Dear Children and Parents,

What an amazingly busy week we have had! The children have enjoyed swimming, forest school sessions, PE with Total Sports, and even a Mini Bed Race! I have been so impressed with the children’s respectful behaviour and courage in trying new things.

We have also spent time this week looking at our RE Big Question – Why is the Bible important to Christians? As always, the children have been curious and respectful when discussing religious concepts, and thinking deeply about their own opinions.

On Thursday, we had our Celebration Assembly. Congratulations to the following children:

5R Award: Connie, for respectful and collaborative partner work.

Jigsaw Award: Sam, for valuing others for their uniqueness.

Next week, we will start our new Big Idea – I am a Historian. More information will be uploaded on the blog.

Big Idea: I am an Eco-Warrior

We have already had a brilliant start to our Big Idea during RE week, when we learnt about Christian views on creation. We learnt lots about sustainability and protecting the world, and created posters that could go in a church to help Christians protect the environment.

We also learnt this brilliant Hopscotch song!


In English, we are learning about The Iron Man, a book by Ted Hughes. If you would like, you can listen to the story here:


In Geography this term, we are learning about Mountains, particularly Ben Nevis in Scotland. You can find out about Ben Nevis here:



In Science, we are learning about plants. These videos will help you to remember what we are learning:

You can find out more about our learning and events this term in the documents below:

Snow Day School Closure

Dear Year 3,

Here is some work to keep you busy during this day when school is closed. Please note that the work is optional. I have also included your spellings for the weekend, as I will not be able to give you your homework today.


We have just started our unit on fractions. To prepare yourself for this, you can revise your Year 2 Fractions learning:


We have been learning how to write biographies at school. Choose a significant figure, and create a biography or poster about them.

You can find some significant figures below:


Alternatively, you could use this snowy picture as inspiration to write your own poem or story:


Please see your new spellings for this week below. Can you find out the meaning of your spellings?





How much of our history from Autumn 2 do you remember? Create a quiz on Ancient Egypt to help remind you. You can use the website below to help you:


Spring 2 Big Idea: I am part of a diverse world

We have had a wonderful day today launching our Big Idea, looking at British values. You can find out more about British Values below:

In History, we are going to be learning about Mary Seacole. You can watch a video to find out more about her here:

In Geography, during Culture Week, we are going to be learning all about Poland. You can find out a bit about Poland in the videos below:

In Art, the children will be learning about printmaking and stencilling, inspired by Henri Matisse. You can read a story about Henri Matisse here:

For More information about our learning this term, see the MTP and Newsletter below:

Spring 1 Big Idea – I am an Artist

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

This term, our Big Idea is I am an artist. In English, we are going to be focusing on performance Art. We will start by reading a book called Leon and the Place Between, which is about a boy who visits a magical circus. You can watch an amazing musical version of it below:



Our first focus in Maths will be money! See if you can practise recognising and using coins and notes at home.

You can find a money activity, which recaps your learning from Year 2, here:



In Art, you are going to be learning about an artist, engineer and scientist called Theo Jansen. You can find out more about him here:

You can find out more about what we are learning here:

And find more information about the term in our Newsletter:

RE Week

We had a wonderful time in RE week! We learnt all about Christianity, and how Christians in Britain show their faith today.

We also celebrated Diwali by designing and creating amazing Rangoli patterns:

Autumn Term 2 – I am an explorer

Welcome Back!

Our Big Idea for this term is I am an explorer. As part of this, we will be launching with a visit to Jacob Smith Park, and landing with a campfire session in the forest!

Below you can see our Medium Term Plan, Newsletter and Timetable for this term:

Extra Resources:


In Maths this term, we will be focusing on multiplication and division. You can practise your four and your eight times tables using these songs:

8 times table song:



We are going to start this term by reading Cinderella of the Nile. You can see a read-aloud of it below:


In History, we are going to be learning about the Ancient Egyptians. You can look at the websites below to do your own research!:




In Science, we are going to be learning about light! Look at the article below to find out how the moon shines and more: